Title inspired by ©Veronika Harcsa

Just imagine how lucky you are being exposed tho these sounds when you are a newborn.
Signed for life by my sweet, sensitive Papa who made numerous bike rides to and from the local record store. I’m still playing them…❤︎
Miles Davis – Ascenseur pour L’Échafaud – 1958

This song by Pino Palladino & Blake Mills touches the core of a story.
What story that is I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I’d ask Mr. Palladino & Mr. Mills
if I would run into them in the supermarket. I’ll just dream on…
Just Wrong – 2021

‘I’m going to take you to my special place
It’s a place that you, like no one else I know might appreciate
I don’t go there with anyone,
but you’re a special case for my special place’

To special friendships, life saviours….kindred spirits….soul sisters & brothers…painting with words.

Not my all time favourite Mitchell or Gabriel song but 2 of
the most inspiring human beings to me…..together ☺︎
Joni Mitchell & Peter Gabriel – My Secret Place – 1988

Video – Anton Corbijn – 1988

Another story from deep, deep down….heart beating sincerity and love.
Such a sound songwriter & voice
Jono McCleery – Follow – 2020

‘It’s about time that we dare to listen….
It’s about time that we dare to see…’

She is so right….and so special!
Veronica’s vocalism & lyricism is extraordinary, like her partners in crime are.
So happy and proud to be able to be close to them….and they make me laugh out loud…
About Time – Veronica Harcsa Quartet with Bálint GyémántNicolas ThysAntoine Pierre

My lucky childhood soundtrack, thank you Papa for all the sweet sounds you’ve sent into my little ears. I’m still listening…
And thank you, courageous Curtis Mayfield – I wish you could come Back To The World

‘I’m leaving on the 1:15
You’re darn right
Since I was seventeen
I’ve had no one over me
He says, Anima rising
So what
Petrified wood process
Tall timber down to rock’

Joni Mitchell – Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow – 1975

The kind of sorrow that causes you to ‘cry the sort of tears that dry’.
Well, you can just let it be and write a song about it…or not.
And oh, the sound of her guitar!

You might say that my life was rather turbulent (Indigo, Kind of Blue too…)
so all the more important are your loyal companions on this Long and Winding Road.
The lyrical, lovely, lively Sco has been one of them.
Still Warm, my dearest album. Thank you….✰

John Scofield – Still Warm – 1986

Another magical blend of iconic, musical, spirits…no words….lucky me to have heard them both play live…(yes, I am that old).

Wayne Shorter (R.I.P.) – featuring Milton Nascimento – Native Dancer – 1975

Time is so old and love so brief
Love is pure gold and time a thief
We’re late, darling, we’re late
The curtain descends, everything ends too soon, too soon…

Speak Low – Kurt Weill / Ogden Nash – 1943

In the early 90’s of the last century I spent a lot of time in NYC, with my dear friend and beautiful composer/pianist Tino Derado. We would stroll the clubs in Greenwich Village for the most alive music and were lured into a (long gone) club on Bleecker Street, by the sound of this voice. We tumbled from one emotion into another…we were in awe and cheered so loudly after every musical pearl that rolled into our ears, that the kindest Andy Bey himself came over to greet us with curiosity.
To me this is the deepest and most profound voice in jazz.
He never ceases to soothe and touch me…❤︎

One of my secret dreams is to do some quirky dancing with David Byrne on a deserted country road.
I do not see many impossibilities here, to be frank.
The car has to be mine though…

Betty said she prayed today
For the sky to blow away
Or maybe stay
She wasn’t sure

Words fail me when it comes to this song of the beautifully sensitive, sad Nick Drake