W R I T I N G   G O O D   L Y R I C S

Uniting words, sound and rhythm in all its forms.
Deepening the content of lyrics to a personal level,
widening your technique and broadening structure
style to help you to creating your own story.

Listening to the countless, unforgettable jazz standards,
evergreensmusical hits and classic pop/rock songs
from the previous century and the touching ballads of
singer-songwriters today you might be moved by the
melody & rhythm at first, but without the words, sung by
the emotional human voice the music has another significance.

This doesn’t mean that it is less beautiful or powerful but
the extra dimension of wordvoice often leads to greater
expression and better communication with the listener.
Spoken & sung words are basically sound & rhythm.
The content of the lyrics, the story, adds an extra layer to a song.

The most important thing (for the performer & listener)
is that the music & lyrics merge together and form a unity,
sounding and feeling comfortably (unless perhaps you are writing
and performing in the punk or death metal genre, but even then…)
‘Wear’ your song as if it is your favourite pair of jeans.

My passion is to write good songs and to guide you in a way that will
let you truly enjoy creating & performing personal songs & lyrics that
feel good when you perform them and that will touch your listeners.

Finding subjects, evoking associations through simple exercises,
determining a structure, avoiding clichés, rhyming (or no rhyming),
using metaphors, developing a sound & rhythm, finding the right
and performing with a natural voice and pronunciation.
We are talking about communication!

Pop, rock, jazz, blues, musical, theater, spoken word (dutch or english,
deutsch geht auch). Everything is possible. In this workshop we will listen to
hits & misses of others and ourselves  and we will work on our own (unfinished) songs.

I prefer to work with an intimate group (up to 8 persons) of lyricists,
songwriters, vocalists, music teachers and exploring poets & writers.
Age and the amount of experience can be diverse but basic skills are requested.

Bring your own song(s) digitally or play them live (much preferred).
Size or genre doesn’t matter. For all I care you bring a piece that has to
be yodeled in a Dutch dialect. A piano will be present but please bring
your own guitar. We are amplified in various ways.

We will be talking, singing, playing, reading, listening, doing exercisesasking
and answering many questions, connecting and having an excellent lunch together.

Locations can be anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.
If you have friends that are interested, let me know, so we can build a group around you.
Upcoming workshops will be posted on FB and this website.

I’m also available for Skype-coachings (MariekeMeischke).
Are you completely stuck or just in doubt about the subjectstory,
grammarstructure and/or melody line in your song? Call me!

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