The Core Of The Story

Solo or group sessions

So, what is it that you are doing onstage?

What is your drive?

What is it that you have to say, why and to whom?

Is it urgent?

What is the Core Of The Story? 

In various sessions I will zoom into this topic, with you.
We will talk, listen, write and figure out your theme of the presence
and how to communicate this with your listeners using all our senses.
While improvising we will wake up the storyteller in you and work
towards a way to also pitch that story to anyone who needs to hear it (in the industry for example).

Are you at ease onstage?
Are you suffering from stage fright?
Is your show a random string of short stories in the form of compositions/songs?
Or is the whole concert a coherent, long story, made out of ‘chapters’?
How do you connect with your audience?
Through chatting, stand up comedy, body talk, poetry/spoken word, dance?
How do you physically move on stage, and interact with your partner artists, band members?
Can you keep the flow in your communication?
There is an answer! More than one…..

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The Core Of The Story
The Core Of The Story
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