L O V E  &  L Y R I C S

L o v e . ‘It’s the drug and a battlefield and it hurts. It takes time,
it will lead you back and it don’t cost a thing’.
Is there any topic that has inspired more pop songs than love?
Judging by the words in song titles over the last 120 years, no.
Love is the most frequent word (after function words like the, you, and I)
in the tens of thousands of song titles that were created in the past.

It will lead us to various subjects like day dreaming, denial and forgiving.
Happiness, healing, hurt, longing, loneliness, sex, jealousy, bitter break ups
and rosy reunions. Aren’t we all experts in experience? And let’s not forget
topics like love for nature, the planet, stars, people, animals and god(s).
Love songs can take you everywhere.

We will wake up the writer in you and bring out the best,
straight from the heart (and soul). We will do some exercises
that will unlockwriters’s block and help you on your way.
You will perform your own great lyrical love song! I will listen and guide you
with professional advice. Together we will analyse some of the greatest
love songs from wonderful songwriters that we know (and don’t know) and
your own songs as well. Which words are stressed (emphasised), does the story
make sense, is the grammar right, are you sounding natural in another language?

Jazz, pop, rock, country, metal, musical, theatre, gospel, spoken word.
English, Dutch, German. Let’s cross borders, genres and styles.
Let’s kill the corny clichés, find some original metaphors and
create a way to express our own story in words & music.

I’m offering Love lyrics masterclasses in various forms and lengths
and I’ll travel ‘long and winding roads’ to meet you at music schools,
academies, festivals, symposia and other music events.
Vocalists, singer-songwriters, poets, composers, music teachers, be my guest.

Please contact me for a class that fits your occasion.

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